Tips for the Newbie Track Star

You can link to my full article on beginning running The Long Run on Huffington Post.     1. The first rule of running is: don’t think about running. The resistance is all in your head. Running is a head-game; the body knows exactly how to do it. Determination, commitment, perseverance are required to break … Continue reading

  • Curves for Change (C4C)

    Curves for Change is an organization that demonstrates how the power of beauty can change the world. Founded in 2010, Curves for Change reflects the commitment of Wilhelmina W Curve models to use their careers and visibility to advocate and support a variety of issues and causes. The women of Curves for Change are genuine trailblazers. They are successful women who have accepted the task to be healthy role models for girls and young women in a society that preaches the importance of superficial beauty and thinness at any cost. C4C is committed to working for charities that benefit the empowerment of all women, no matter their size, shape, culture, or income.